Leadership refers to the ability to inspire others to move in one direction. The leader is able to move with his vision. Anyone can be a leader. This ability to inspire others is an essential asset in family and professional life.

Moving the crowds to a worthwhile cause is fascinating. Just look at Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and you will feel inside yourself the thrill and the desire to embrace their ideas. In this post, I share 6 keys to improve your leadership.

What can you offer the world?

Developing leadership requires a high level of self-knowledge. To question ourselves about what motivates us deep down is a fundamental fact. This is really important because it is the passion for an area that will allow us to act and inspire others. The more you refine your expertise in a field, the more you will be able to offer valuable help to those around you.

The vision

I have already mentioned this point in the article “3-Point Internal Management”. Having the vision to define new strategies is part of the leader’s arsenal. Leadership requires that you have a clear vision of where you and your team or family are going to go.Martin Luther King

The vision must be inspiring! Remember Martin Luther King and his speech “I Have a Dream”! This speech is nothing more or less than Dr. King’s vision. Through his faith in this vision, Martin Luther King has inspired millions of people to follow him.

Moving up to the front line and setting an example

The leader is the one who sets an example and puts himself in danger. In other words, if there is a food shortage, the leader will give his meal to those around him; if the results of his company are bad, the leader will be the first to take full responsibility.

Being willing to sacrifice yourself for your own allows you to establish respect and reciprocity. Once the leader has suffered the negative events, those around him are generally grateful and are in turn willing to give or follow the leader.

The ability to stay the course despite all the opinions to the contrary

This is one of the greatest qualities of leaders. This ability to believe in his project when all the indicators are in red is essential. Let us take Martin Luther King’s example again and go back into the history of the United States.

For the millions of Americans of the time, Dr. King’s dream was completely unrealistic, especially since blacks and whites had always lived separately since slavery. This represents roughly 400 years of effective separation.

Yet Dr. King clung to it against all odds in a battle that was lost in advance. 400 years of history against the conviction of a single man. You and I both know the conclusion of the civil rights movement! His conviction was so strong that history had to give way.

The Why

I had also talked about the “why” in the article on “Three-point internal management”. The leader knows why he is acting according to certain choices and why he is moving in one direction and not another. In his book “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action”, Simon Sinek highlights the influence of the why on the decision and motivation of teams and clients.

The reason for their existence and their products were more likely to have motivated employees and customers who recognized themselves in the Market Watch and company’s vision.


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