Technology is a reality and a necessity, more and more present in companies. However, for a long time, the fact that from the most modern existence it satisfied only a few individuals in search of diversity, today it has become quite useful for enterprises of all sizes and market segments.

For this reason, it is worthwhile to accompany the novelties. And to be inside the subject, confirm in this article the 6 main trends of technology for 2018 in the following topics:

1 – Internet of Things

Also called IoT, the Internet of things, the Internet of things, consists of objects that communicate with the environment where they are on the Internet. However, even after the first steps, it opens up a wide range of opportunities, being able to be implemented in relatively simple activities and in more complex tasks.

Examples are the doors that open automatically, as well as the presence, light and temperature sensors. Another way to apply to the Internet is by means of two commands by intelligent apps. In this way, it is possible to provide companies with more security and make the service more efficient for their customers.

IoT can even collaborate with the management of equipment, as well as its integrated employees through intelligent mobile devices. This new trend is even used in sensors to warn about the entry, presence, and affection of a collaborator in the work environment.

2 – Artificial intelligence

This is yet another technology trend that promises to gain more space in 2018, since it is not a novelty, but is implemented in slow steps. The truth is a technology that has been studied for a long time, but it may soon be closer to what you imagine.

Basically, artificial intelligence consists of systems that have the capacity to learn, adapt and even work autonomously. This technology can be exemplified by chatbots, drones, and autonomous vehicles.

Like many other technologies, it is a relatively high cost, but one that becomes an economy in the long term, with the reduction of the number of employees and the optimization of processes, among other benefits.

3 – Virtual reality and augmented reality

However, young people, the market of virtual reality and augmented reality are perhaps one of the markets that attract the most attention from consumers, which is why it is a trend for companies to be very vigilant. The application is also very important, but it cannot be summarized in the games and other entertainment sectors.

Companies, in general, can use these technologies to be more interactive with the target audience, offering unique experiences. These innovations can be used even more productively to make your team more productive, design processes are better developed and employees receive more practical training.

4 – Blockchain

But one of the main technology trends for 2018 is the blockchain, that is, based on where the digital currencies circulate. Even though it is controversial, it should not be attractive, since it promotes a total change in the way we use the centralized mechanisms of transaction and record keeping.

In this way, it has the potential to be used as a digital business base in new and traditional companies. Finally, it consists of a decentralized and secure data bank that can store transactions with efficiency, in addition to being permanent and verifiable.

5 – Fiber optic internet

This is a closer trend, since, a few years ago, fiber optic is being widely implanted, even by the increasing demand for bandwidth to account for the generation of content. In addition to qualifying the data transport, it allows a larger volume to be transported.

Today, it is practically impossible to think of companies that still do not use the Internet. Until it’s time to do basic tasks, such as sending the electronic physical notes to the government.

6 – ERP Software

More a widespread technological trend, but still with potential for growth are ERP software. Today, they are the most modern solutions to manage your company’s desktops, once they computerize the data, connect the sectors and automate the processes.

In this way, the production of your company grows, with more dynamism and efficiency. The ERP system is also online and totally secure.


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